Magda Botteri



The first time in front of a microphone was when I recorded my first commercial in 1987; I just said: Bubblicious!! Yes, just one word. I loved it! A commercial of 30 seconds with my voice on it.  I was studying voice acting at a school of voiceovers, then I took different courses to improve my development in front of the microphone, acting, impro, stand up comedy, singing, dubbing.

It helped me to grew up and little by little I made my own place in advertisement in Peru, where I was born, starring in commercials or making the voices for an olive, a chicken or a lettuce. Now living in the US I work for a bigger market and thanks to the internet, I can work from anywhere.

I really love my job, I work 24/7 and everyday I learn from my clients around the world because now with the new technologies and new ways to communicate, the voice is still necessary and here I am, doing audiobooks, IVRs, animation, apps, narrations, e-learnings, commercials, and more.  Wherever we go there is a voice around us, and believe me it’s a pleasure to be part of your life.